Beauty In The Details

I don’t know if I mentioned this in previous blog posts, but I had a trip planned to Italy during this particular stretch of March. For obvious reasons, that trip got canceled. Thank goodness. At this point, the borders have been closed. If we had continued on with the original travel plan, our group would be stranded there without a way to get home, contributing to an already strained situation in that country.

This is a very common situation right now. What’s the best way to deal with changed or canceled plans? Start working with what you’ve got and the situation you find yourself in. Do you need to stay home for a while? Be grateful and love your home. One practical way to do this is giving thanks for all the little things. Find beauty in the details.

I made panna cotta for the first time last weekend. It’s delicious.

We should (of course) give thanks for the big things as well, but sometimes giving thanks for the details gives us the perspective we need to see the big things. If you start finding it difficult to love your home, make a list of all the little things you do like about it. The kitchen window where the light streams in during the afternoon, hot water in the shower, cozy blankets to wrap oneself in, access to the internet, the oddly-shaped storage area under the stairs that holds more stuff than it looks like it should, bookshelves with books in them…. the list goes on. Build up enough details until you can see the whole thing, then give thanks for all of it.

This week, I focused on clothing details, especially the ones I take for granted!

Some of my favorite lining fabrics. An often overlooked, but delightful, detail.
I love a good button. Also, a good zipper.
Embroidery is one of my favorite decorative details.

Enjoying the details helped me this week. A lot of big things have happened over the past couple of weeks and the world is still reeling. So if all the big things overwhelm you, trust in the Lord and start thanking Him for the little things. Don’t wait until things get less overwhelming. Gratitude gives perspective.

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