Ashley Sings the Praises of Scarves

Scarves are great and I’ll tell you why.  They are the easiest way to add personality to an outfit and they are the easiest accessory to personalize.  How many ways are there to wear earrings?  Unless you’re into mixing and matching, there’s just one way you can wear a particular pair of earrings.  With scarves, the only limit is your imagination.

This square floral scarf from H&M is about the size of a baby blanket.  It’s got this crazy mix of colors with peach, rust, light orange, navy, and green.  I have a ton of navy in my closet, so when I put on an outfit and realize that I’m wearing a navy sweater with dark wash jeans and I’m suddenly a column of navy blue, this scarf is a great way to break up the monochrome.

Here are a few thoughts on how to work with a large square scarf:

  • You can fold it into a triangle or roll it up to make it less bulky.
  • For a triangle fold, you can leave the point in the front and wrap the corners around until you can tie the ends in the front.  It’s like an oversized bandana look.
  • If you want something smaller, start with the big triangle fold, then start to roll it up until the size is where you want it.  Then wrap it around your neck as many times as it will go.
  • If you know you’re going somewhere windy, go for a Grace Kelly headscarf look.  Start with the triangle fold, then cover your hair, knotting under your chin.  Add sunglasses for additional glamour.
  • Try knotting your scarves at different lengths – that will change the entire look of the scarf.  If you tie the ends together, you can use any scarf as an infinity scarf.

I have three shapes of scarves – square, infinity, and rectangle.  Mostly rectangle.  So most of my scarf ideas apply to classic long scarves.  Harry Potter scarves.  Rugby scarves.  Ebenezer-Scrooge-after-he-repents scarves.

Here are some reasons that I love scarves, along with some tips and techniques.

  • If it’s really cold and you’re worrying about whether your scarf needs to match your hat or your gloves or your coat, don’t worry.  It isn’t worth it.  Usually once you’re inside, you don’t need the hat, coat, or gloves.  So coordinate your scarf with your outfit, because you might want to keep your scarf on all day, but don’t worry about finding a matching beanie.
  • Scarves are practical and beautiful.  When I have a cold, scarves feel absolutely necessary.  They are like little blankets that you get to keep with you all day.
  • I love when people give me scarves as presents.  Most of my scarves have been given to me.  When a friend buys me a scarf, it’s usually something that stands out to them and that they think I would like, so it’s a blend of both of our styles.  So when I see that scarf, I think of that friend.  It’s personal and sweet.
  • My go-to scarf style is to fold the scarf in half, so that if forms a loop.  Pull the ends through the loop and go.  It stays put and keeps your neck really warm.
  • Tie the ends together and use your classic scarves as infinity scarves.  I have one infinity scarf, but there’s really only one way to style an infinity scarf, so squares or triangles or rectangles are more versatile.
  • Scarves are great guinea pigs – if you aren’t quite sure about a new trendy color, try it in a scarf first.  Then if you decide that it isn’t a great color on you, you aren’t stuck with a sweater or a dress.  You have a scarf, which would still be a great present for somebody who looks great in that color.
  • For a textured look, twist your scarf up and then knot it.
  • For some drama, tie your scarf behind your neck and let the ends hang down like a cape.
  • Wear your scarf with attitude.  Scarves shouldn’t be boring.

Scarves are the easiest way to start pattern mixing.  Try wearing a striped scarf with polka dots or a floral scarf with stripes.  This was my Thanksgiving outfit- the loose floaty fit of this dress was no accident…. Also, every outfit looks better with an ADORABLE BABY.  This is my tiniest nephew and he’s such a sweetheart.

I have a couple of cool things for next week.  I’m working on an art project for my house and I found some fantastic vintage clothes at an antique store, so I’m going to be talking about how to wear vintage pieces so they don’t come across as costumes.


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