Grown Up Cuteness



There are some very cute trends from the runway this fall, which is nice.  I don’t like walking into a store and seeing nothing feminine.  (If the season’s styles are boring and/or colorless and/or downright ugly, clothes shopping can be really tough….)  I keep trends in my peripheral vision, because they will determine what I’ll have to work with.
Some of the trends I’ll be keeping my eyes open for this year:
  • Velvet, faux fur, all the softy-kind fabrics.  [I would probably go for very small quantities, because of the richness.]
  •  Extravagant sleeves [I’ll admit, I now am the proud possessor of a sweater with tiered ruffle sleeves.  J’adore.]
  • Renaissance / princess style [think bodices, long skirts, square necklines, rich fabrics..kind of like Ever After.]
  • Floral prints [you know how I feel about floral prints]
  • One-shoulder or off-the-shoulder tops and dresses [when I was little, one shoulder dresses were the essence of elegance and I still love the idea]
  • Ribbon ties [tie-neck blouses, especially]

Those are ideas that will be floating around this fall.  The next step is figuring out how they work on you and how they would fit into your life.  So let’s get practical about finding clothes and apply the principles we already have to the looking process.  Because we’re grown ups and if we think about what we are buying, we can love our decisions when we get home!

These are the main things I think about when I go shopping:
  • Start with the four practical questions (so you can be intentional about your clothes):
    • What time is it?  [Is it appropriate to the season?  This applies to those super cute clothes that are completely unsuited to the climate you live in.  You probably don’t need a down coat if you live in Los Angeles.  Even if it’s cute.]
    • Where am I going?  [Will it work for the places you go all the time?]
    • Who do I need to respect?  [Think about the people you see all the time – how can you show them respect through your clothes?]
    • What are my responsibilities?  [Can you do everything you need to do in that article of clothing?  Try sitting down.  Bending over.  Raising your arms.  If you can’t do those things, that’s a problem.]


  • Then I move on to my “do you like it?” questions:
    • Does it fit correctly?  [This is really the most important question to answer.  Don’t buy clothes for your next size.  Buy clothes for your now size.  Be honest in the dressing room, because dishonesty in the dressing room leads to a closet full of clothes that almost fit.  That’s the worst.  Have trouble with dressing room honesty?  Take your brutally honest friend and let her tell you if things work or not.  A good friend is the best mirror!]
    • Does the color look good on me?  [It doesn’t matter how popular a color is – if it makes you look like death warmed over, don’t wear it.  I know Pinterest likes mint green.  But make sure mint green looks good on you, not just on that Pinterest-Pixie-Dreamchild on your phone.]
    • Is there something you like about it?  [This seems like an obvious question, but sometimes we go to the store and come back with clothes we don’t like.  Why do we do that?  Sometimes we buy out of a feeling of obligation or desperation.  If you don’t like something about it, don’t buy it, because you won’t wear it!]
    • Does it feel nice?  [Is it good quality material?  This is one of the reasons I don’t like shopping online – I like to feel all the fabric.  Crisp cotton, tweedy texture, stretchy jersey….they all have their own special qualities and they make me happy!]




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