Travel Style: Quebec City

Off to Quebec City!


Next week, I travel to Quebec City!  This is a good time to think about travel style.  I’m going to multitask and use this blog post to think through what I’m packing, if that’s okay with all of you.  It is?  Great!
Quebec City is the capital of Canada’s Quebec province and one of North America’s oldest cities.  Think cobblestone streets, French cafés, autumn colors, old stone buildings, and delicious food.  Every day will include various combinations of exploring the aforementioned cobblestone streets and eating the aforementioned delicious food.  SO EXCITED!
So what should I pack?  One way to narrow down what to pack is figuring out what not to pack.
No wrinkly clothes.  I don’t like ironing even when I’m at home, so I know I won’t iron anything on vacation.  So that rules out anything that wrinkles easily.  I’ll mainly stick with knits and jersey fabrics, anything that can worn straight from my suitcase.  On past trips, jersey dresses have been my clothing champions.
No uncomfortable shoes.  We’re going to be walking the whole time.  Plus cobblestones.  Even French women lose their composure when their heels catch between uneven stones, and almost nothing can visibly fluster a French woman.  If they can’t handle the heel/cobblestone thing, I definitely can’t.  I’m sticking with flats and ankle boots – comfy ones that don’t beat up my feet.
No bulky clothes.  On a trip, suitcase space is a valuable commodity.  Pack clothes that you can mix and match and layer up in different ways.  Fortunately, this isn’t a January trip.  It will be good weather for a boots/dress/jacket combo or a flats/jeans/pullover combo.  One layer that really helps is a mid-weight scarf – it folds up to almost nothing and helps add a little warmth and color to your outfits.
No untested clothes.  If I don’t wear them here, why would I wear them in a different place?  On another trip, I wore a brand new shirt dress and it kept unbuttoning itself.  That was a stressful day.  We ate at a lovely restaurant, and I would lean in for a slurp of soup and – pop – there went the top two buttons of my dress.  It’s hard to act casual and pretend like nothing happened when you have to rebutton your top every time you lean forward.  Stick with your favorite clothes.  Wear the clothes you want to make memories in!
No uncomfortable clothes.  Even if they do not actively sabotage you by unbuttoning themselves, some clothes just get too tight after a meal.  None of that.  I shall be wearing clothes I can eat in, because eating is great.
Thanks for letting me think out loud and figure out my packing strategy!  I will tell you all about it once I get home again.

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