But why?

I keep asking myself, why start a fashion blog?  There are already a million out there.  But I finally broke down, because I can’t keep my enthusiasm to myself.  Getting dressed is an art that everybody has to do.  Look down at your outfit (yes, the one you picked out this morning, when you were still mostly asleep) – that was on display to the world today.  I’m not a morning person….occasionally 10:30 am rolls around and my brain kicks in about what I am, in fact, wearing.  That’s embarrassing sometimes.  Clothes are personal as a diary, public as a traffic sign.

When I get stuck and need a kick in the pants, I get out my 1945 edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette and look at the chapter called “The Clothes of a Lady”.  (How pretentious does that sound?  It sounds plenty pretentious, but hear me out.)  Emily Post didn’t beat around the bush – here’s how she starts out the chapter:  “Clothes not only add to our appearance; they are our appearance.  The first impression that we make upon others depends entirely upon what we wear and how we wear it.  Manners and speech are noted afterward, and character is discerned last of all.”  It’s no longer 1945 and there are hardly any fashion rules left, but most of her advice still stands, because it is based on time, place, respect, and responsibility.  Know what the occasion is, know where you are, know how to respect the people around you, and know what you have to do.  Know those things and you’ll be all right.

That’s a lot to take in, but think of it this way – we have the rest of our lives to work on it!  Don’t resent having to figure out what to wear.  Be grateful for having a creative outlet built into your life.  Let’s bring back intentional dressing.  Let’s get busy.


3 thoughts on “But why?

  1. Dear Ashley,
    I just read your post and I loved it!
    Will share it, and will eagerly wait for the next one, love, Mom


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